According to Saffy Sprocket’s article “11 steps to prevent motorcycle theft“, over 1,500 motorcycles are stolen every month in London.  She has put together 11 ways to keep your motorcycle safe including:

1) Keep your motorcycle out of sight

2) Install CCTV

3) Avoid parking in a dimly lit area

4) Park near other bikes

5) Use discretion

6) Use a motorbike cover

7) Use a disc lock

8) Install a screamer alarm

9) Use a motorbike chain and lock

10) Don’t buy second hand parts

11) Install a motorbike tracker


Find It Stop It can help bikers with point 11.  Our easy-to-install GPS tracker will help you recover your bike if it is stolen.  As soon as any unauthorised movement is detected then an alert will be sent to your phone.  Our device also has the added function of being able to being able to switch off the engine if the vehicle is travelling at less than 20 kph (12 mph).  Buy yours now for just £59.95 and free UK postage.





































































































































































If you have been inspired by Million Pound Motorhomes & are buying a Camper Van then make sure that you get a tracker installed. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker & engine stop device can be monitored & controlled by a phone app so you know where your motorhome or campervan is at all times