According to WireService.Ca, 3 scooters are stolen in Italy every hour.  Their article examines the most affected areas Campania with 6,713 thefts in one year followed by Lazio, Sicily and Lombardy.  Scooters and mopeds are often taken by organised gangs because they are not sufficiently protected.  However, with a few simple tips, you will be able to protect your scooter, moped or motorbike against theft.   
Park in a well lit area and install our Find It Stop It device.  Your phone will notify you if your scooter is taken, and you will be able to track it live via the app.  Once it is safe, switch the engine off so that thieves are unable to get to their final destination.  This will help you and the police recover your scooter quickly.    
So whether you live in the Italy, the UK or elsewhere, our tracker is the affordable solution to keep your vehicle safe.  Contact Us either by telephone: 0330 159 0109 or by email: track@finditstopit.com