Car theft is still dominating local news (keyless car theft, Kia Boyz tiktok challenges etc), so we’re sharing advice we found on WNY Papers.com.      


1) Awareness is key.  Be aware that there is a chance that your car could be taken.  So far that reason, always look for a well-lit area to park in, check that windows and doors are locked properly and you’ve moved valuables out of sight.      


2) Visible deterrents.  Sometimes the most simple solutions will deter opportune thieves.  Yes a crooklock might be unwieldy but it will put off many thefts.  Also consider  brake pedal locks and audible alarm systems.      


3) Immobilisation.  These devices will stop your car from being hot-wired.  They can include smart keys, fuse cut offs, kill switches, starter or fuel pump disablers. Find It Stop It GPS tracker and stop solution does have a remote engine stop functionality.  Although it shouldn’t be used as an immobiliser (it could cause battery drain or permanent damage to the device), it can be used to stop the vehicle if it is stolen or carjacked.      


4) GPS tracker.  This device will emit a signal that allows for remote monitoring of the vehicle so that if it is moved then the owner is alerted, and can track it via the app or computer. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker and stop solution is £59.95 and no monthly ongoing subscription.  Be in control of your vehicle via the app on your phone.