We have written and shared many articles talking about vehicle theft prevention: don’t leave your vehicle unlocked, park in a secure location, take extra measures if your vehicle operates under the keyless system etc etc.  In this article we focus on 5 steps to take if your vehicle is taken.
1) Call the police straight away.  Provide them with information about your vehicle (make, model, registration number, VIN etc).  If you have a Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution fitted then you will also be able to provide them with its location, thanks to the GPS tracking function
2) Let your insurance company know.  Insurance claims take a while so you will want to get this started as soon as possible.  Depending on your policy and type of theft it may cover some or all of the costs involved in replacing or recovering your vehicle.  Some insurance premiums are lower if you have a GPS tracker fitted.
3) If your car is leased then contact the lease company know.  Equally, if you have a car loan, notify them too.
4) Contact the DVLA.  They can update their records and make your number plates as stolen. 
5) Change the locks.  If your vehicle is recovered then update the locks, you don’t want it taken for a second time.  Consider adding extra security to prevent future thefts, such as steering wheel locks.  Also don’t forget Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution!  Our device is just £59.95 and easy to fit by your local vehicle technician.