Let’s remind ourselves about keyless car theft, there are 6 types:
1) Signal relaying
2) Signal jamming
3) Key programming
4) Close range testing
5) Code grabbing
6) App hacking
Sounds a nightmare, right? Never fear as there are ways to beat the keyless vehicle thieves:
1) Always lock your vehicle and double check by testing the door handles after locking
2) Block your car key signals when you are at home by storing your keys in a signal blocking box or Faraday pouch
3) Buy a steering lock – casual thieves will be put off by this visual deterrent
4) Switch off the key fob at night 
5) Install CCTV or a smart doorbell 
6) Keep your vehicle in a garage
7) Join your local WhatsApp group and look out for one another
8) Install a tracker
A Find It Stop It GPS tracker can be an inexpensive way to keep tabs on your luxury vehicle.  It monitors for unusual activity and will send an alert to your phone if it spots unauthorised movement.  You can then track the vehicle using GPS, then you can notify the police.