According to Business Vans, there are over 4.1 million licensed vans in the UK and 42% of these are owned by individuals.  So how do you deter theft of your tools or to your van?  Follow these tips!
1) Park safely – when you are out and about park near other other vehicles and pedestrians, if at a customer try to reverse onto the driveway and if you are in a carpark, find one with CCTV. When you are at home, install home security devices and park in close proximity of these
2) Although your van is mobile advertising to get more customers, it is also an attraction to thieves.  Don’t be too explicit as this could describe the contents of your vehicle
3) Upgrade your van lock – a slam lock is not only a visible deterrent to thieves but an easy way for van drivers with multi-drops to make sure their vehicle is locked easily.  Also consider deadlocks
4) Physical deterrents – steering wheel locks or those that lock the pedal or gear leaver will put off opportunistic thefts.  You may also wish to consider wheel clamps if you can’t park your vehicle in a garage overnight
5) Alarms – a loud sound is bound to put thieves off
6) GPS tracker – although this won’t prevent theft, a tracker can aid recovery of your van by tracking its location  


So there you have it, 6 ways to protect your van against theft.  A Find It Stop It GPS tracker is easy to install, giving you peace of mind that your work van and tools will be protected and recovered quickly if taken. At just £59.95 with no ongoing monthly subscription, this is an affordable solution to keep your van safe.