We came across a great article with plenty of tips to protect your car against theft: “Protect yourself from car theft with these tips“.  These are our favourites:
1) Lock your doors and close your windows.  Always best to start with the most obvious tip but locking your car is the easiest way to prevent car theft.
2) Don’t leave your keys in the car.  Following on from the obvious, we follow up with the second most obvious tip to stop tempting thieves to drive away with your vehicle.  This is particularly true in the colder months when you might be tempted to leave the engine running to warm up the car. Sadly, there have been many a victim of frosting.
3) Park safe.  Choose your parking spot wisely.  Is it in a well-lit area?  Is there CCTV? Is it in a busy area?  Remember that you will also feel safer returning to your vehicle if there are people around.
4) Anti-theft devices.  We’re all for the steering wheel lock and alarm.  Visual and audible deterrents are going to put off opportune thefts.
5) Vehicle recovery systems.  These are handy to have in case your vehicle is taken.  A GPS tracker will help you or the police locate your vehicle quicker than putting out a plea on Facebook. 
6) Insurance.  Ensure your car is ensured against theft.  Check your policy now and update it if necessary. 


A Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution is just £59.95, and will help you recover your vehicle if it is taken.  If you are technically-minded then it can be installed by you, or otherwise we recommend a vehicle technician.