We were delighted when Business News Daily published this article: How to Prevent and Track Fleet Equipment Theft
as it highlights the importance of GPS trackers and how they can help recovery of vehicles and equipment if stolen.  Fleet managers need to ensure their vehicles and equipment are kept safe as not only is theft a physical cost to the business but also means that deliveries are delayed.  The article looks are the various reasons why thefts could happen:
1) Theft for parts 
2) Theft for contents of the vehicle
3) Theft for fun
4) Theft by set up
They then go onto explain how to track equipment using GPS trackers:
1) Install a GPS device on each vehicle
2) Conceal the GPS device
3) Test for real-time tracking
4) Set odd-hours alert
5) Activate geofencing
A Find It Stop It GPS tracker has all of the above capabilities and at just £59.95 is the affordable way to track your fleet.  We offer discounts for multiple orders so do get in touch either by telephone: 0330 159 0109 or by email: track@finditstopit.com