As the British public start jetting off on holiday, have you given thought to leaving your car in the airport car park?  There are two main types of airport parking:
1) Big car parks where you park the car yourself
2) Valet or Meet and Greet parking – where you hand over your keys to a trusted valet and they drive your car to their secure compound.  Upon return to the airport, they greet you with your car.
Alarm bells were ringing for us though when we read this article on the BBC website: Bristol airport parking firm trainee ‘took car for joyride’.  The car’s owner was called whilst holidaying in Rome to say that her BMW had been pulled over in Somerset after the driver had gone on a 90mph joyride. 


So how do you keep tabs on your vehicle whilst entrusting it to a Meet and Greet firm or even just parking it in an airport carpark?  With Find It Stop It, you can check if your vehicle has been driven in your absence whilst parked in long term Airport parking, with the History function on App.  You can also use the live tracking function.  At just £59.95 and no ongoing subscription, it’s a great way to have a worry-free holiday.