We’re hearing about more and more people popping an AirTag in their car to use it as an unofficial tracker.  Have you ever considered that thieves might do the same? In this article: AirTags, GPS trackers can help car thieves. Here’s how to find them it says that thieves in Canada have been using these Apple devices to locate, track and steal high-end luxury vehicles. If you are concerned that your vehicle might be targeted then use an app like Tracker Detector or AirGuard to detect tracking devices put on your vehicle.  You can then use your own tracker with confidence to keep your vehicle safe in case it is stolen.  




A Find It Stop It device is a GPS tracker and remote engine stop device combined.  You can not only track your vehicle using the app but also switch the engine on or off remotely providing the vehicle is stationary or travelling less than 12 mph. Stop thieves in their tracks with the fuel line cut off function, operated remotely from the app.  Want to know more? Call us on 0330 159 0109. Email us on track@finditstopit.com. Or buy now for just £59.95.