Thieves are getting more brazen by the day and this video shows the moment when criminals tried to steal a scooter using an angle grinder. In the video you will see one thief leaning over and using the angle grinder to cut the lock off whilst his accomplices look on.  This is what is happening in quiet suburban streets up and down the country, motorbike thefts using power tools. This attempted theft happened in Earlsfield, south London.  Although after 25 seconds there was a loud crash, causing the crooks to run off and try their luck elsewhere.

If you are an owner of a motorbike, scooter or moped, what safety precautions do you take against thieves? You can see that a sturdy lock isn’t enough these days. We suggest installing a Find It Stop It device. The GPS tracker will send you an alert if your bike is moved outside the geofence zone. You can then track your bike whilst alerting the police. If thieves attempt to ride off, providing the motorbike is travelling less that 12 mph, you can use the stop engine command. Stop thieves in their tracks and recover your bike before it gets shipped abroad.  The cost? Just £59.95 and no ongoing subscription fee.