Web Bike World recently shared some anti-theft advice for motorcycle owners are always saddened to hear that someone has had their vehicle stolen.  They shared the findings of a survey carried out by the KOG Institute for Marketing and Communication Sciences which asked 600 motorbike owners how they protect their bikes from theft. Rather concerningly, only around half were proactive in theft-prevention.  The survey results also showed that the top two ways of protecting your bike against theft was insurance and removing the key from the ignition! Web Bike World asked a motorbike security expert and he added that having a bike lock, GPS tracker and a safe parking spot (in a garage where possible) will help protect your motorcycle against thieves. 


 A Find It Stop It device is not only a tracker but also gives you the option to switch off the engine remotely (when the vehicle is stationery or travelling less that 12 mph).  Buy your Find It Stop It GPS tracker for just £59.95, with free UK postage and no ongoing subscription.