Visordown (a great website for news, views and a general go-to place for the motorcycle community), recently reported that Balaclava Gangs and Motorbike Theft is Rising in the UK. In the summer months, Edinburgh saw many incidents of balaclava-clad youths riding electric bikes and harrassing members of the public. Mr Johnson (Edinburgh Southern Labour MSP) discussed the issue in Holyrood in November 2022 and highlighted the issues surrounding increased motorcycle theft and motorbike-enabled crime.  He called for extra policing resources to crack down on these crimes and to protect the public.  Scotland is a beautiful place to tour on a bike but motorbike owners may be put off if there is a chance that their bike may be stolen or damaged.  


If you are planning on a touring holiday in Scotland then you may want to get a Find It Stop It device installed before hand.  Our track and stop device allows you to know where your bike is at all times and if it is taken, you can track it and switch the engine off remotely (when safe to do so).  Not only this, a Find It Stop It GPS tracker is suitable for all types of vehicle from motorbike to luxury car, camper van to speed boat.  It is just £59.95 and there is no ongoing monthly subscription, so this is an affordable solution to keep your bike safe.