There have been countless posts on community based website NextDoor where keyless cars have been taken with shocking ease.  It is wonderful seeing neighbours rally around offering advice and support (including us).  One of the main pieces of advice seems to be to buy and use an old school crooklock.  This does seem to thwart the thieves.  For example, one couple had the keys cloned despite them being placed in a Faraday pouch.  The thing that saved the car being stolen was the car horn being activated as the thieves tried to remove the crooklock.     


For an extra layer of security, and peace of mind, we also advise installing a tracker.  Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker and stop solution is £59.95 and no monthly ongoing subscription.  Be in control of your vehicle via the app on your phone.  Monitor the whereabouts, set a Geo-fence alert so that if it is moved without your authorisation you are notified, and even switch the engine on and off remotely.