We were intrigued by the headline “Cars with Common Feature Twice as Likely to be Stolen” and read on to find out what all these cars had in common… they were keyless.  The Sun’s investigation shows that in 2020 keyless entry was the most common method of access for vehicle thefts in England and Wales.  Alec Reeder at Aviva General Insurance analysed all the data presented to him and said that within the past 2 years, claims of stolen keyless vehicles are double to thefts of non-keyless vehicles.  So with this in mind, what can car owners do?  


Advice for car owners (keyless or non-keyless) is to take extra precautions against theft.  Visual deterrents such as steering locks can put off opportune thieves, whereas installing a GPS tracker will help recover the vehicle if it is stolen.  The Find It Stop It GPS tracker has several key features including geo-fencing, trip history and remote engine stop.  At just  £59.95 and no ongoing monthly subscription, this is an affordable solution to keep your car safe.