Reading Chronicle reports the alleged theft of a courier van that was then stripped for parts.  The Seven Sixty Logistics Ltd white van was spotted in Reading with alleged thieves removing the radiator, water pump, and other key parts. Luckily this has been filmed on CCTV.  The sad news is that the van will be written off. 


So how do you prevent your courier van from being targeted?  You certainly don’t want to let your customers down. If you want to recover your consignments before thieves can empty your van or lorry, or recover your van or lorry quicker than the police can, then continue your day’s work then you need a Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution.  For just £59.95, this can be fitted to your van or lorry and monitored via the app on your phone or computer.  If you have a fleet of vans or lorries then we offer discounts on multi-buy purchases.