Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-finalist La Voix has had her van stolen from Bedfordshire containing £30,000 worth of costumes and equipment from her Red Ambition tour. It’s not only her drag outfits but also her musician’s instruments, lighting and audio equipment.  Speaking to the BBC, she said “If you see a dodgy-looking person wearing a Diana Ross fishtail number hanging around Dunstable, bear in mind it might be mine, and get in touch”.   

It demonstrates how devastating having your van stolen can be.  If you are a delivery driver then you are letting your customers down and also losing a day’s pay (at least).  If you are a performer then it can affect your tour.  Whether you own a fleet of vans, run a van hire company or drive performers from gig to gig, we urge you to install Find It Stop It. Track your vehicle if it is taken, and remotely stop the engine when it is safe to do so.  Order yours today for just £59.95 and free UK postage.