In October 2022, French, Spanish and Latvian authorities dismantled a highly sophisticated car theft ring that had been responsible for seizing over EUR 1 million worth of stolen assets.  The 31 arrested had been targeting keyless vehicles made by two French car manufacturers.  Rather shockingly they had been able to use an “automotive diagnostic tool” that allowed these criminals to overwrite the original software thus allowing vehicle doors to be opened and the engine to start without using the original fob.  


As always, we try to offer helpful tips to keep your vehicle safe from these ever-more sophisticated vehicle theft techniques.  If you own a keyless vehicle, take steps to protect your fob.  Also, take physical measures to protect your vehicle including using a steering wheel lock or even a wheel clamp. These visual deterrents will put off opportunistic theft but also make it more difficult to move the vehicle. Finally, in today’s climate a GPS tracker is a no-brainer.  Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker is suitable for all types of vehicle (keyless, with a key, electric, diesel or petrol). The device is easy-to-install and it will send you alerts to your phone of unauthorised movement.  It is just £59.95 and there is no ongoing monthly subscription.