BMW motorbikes are highly sought after by vehicle thieves.  The manufacturers have leveraged the facial recognition technology installed on smart phones and applied it now to their motorbikes.  There are a number of highly sophisticated security measures that they are rolling out: BMW iFace will replace the traditional ignition key, using biometric facial data and an iris-cornea comparison of the eyes.  BMW iFace also has other uses such as reporting failed theft attempts and giving the current location of the bike to the authorities.  Before you get too excited, these high-tech security features will only be available on the BMW Motorrad Boxer models to start off with.


If you don’t have a BMW motorbike with this technology then there are still things you can do to help prevent theft of your motorbike.  Park in a well-lit area, near CCTV and install a GPS tracker.  Unlike other trackers, Find It Stop It has the added bonus of but allowing you to switch of the engine remotely by the app on your phone.  Our GPS auto track and stop solution is just £59.95, free UK postage and no ongoing subscription.  Find out more here