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Q: How much power does the tracker use?

A: When on standby the tracker uses 0.01Amp.

Q:  How long before my battery goes flat if I don’t use it?

A: It depends on the size, age, and condition of the battery and how often the vehicle is used. What other devices are running after the vehicle is parked, for example an alarm. A good battery under normal use should hold power for more than three weeks.

Q:How long does the battery last?

The device is hardwired to the vehicle, so using the vehicle battery for power. The device also has an internal battery which has enough capacity for two hours should the vehicle battery be disconnected.

 Q: How much data does the tracker use?

A: The tracker uses  between 20 to 30MB of data per month.

Q: How much does it cost to run the tracker?

A: That depends on what network provider and Sim only and pay-as-you-go deal you buy. We use 1p mobile and their package is 1p per minute, 1p per text and 1p per megabyte of data. all for £10.00 per 120 days or £30.00 for 365 days. This would be your only running cost.

Q: Can I charge the tracker battery?

A: The tracker is hard wired to the vehicle, and it is charged by the vehicle battery or when the vehicle engine is running. It does not need to be charged separately

Q: I cannot see the App on the Play store or on Apple store.

A: You can only get access to the App when you purchase a tracker as you need an ID number to enter the App.

Q: How do I wire your GPS tracker & engine stop device? Is it via the Fuel line or Starter?

A: We recommend, where possible, wiring the device to the fuel pump circuit, or ignition circuit. Watch our video for installation tips.  You can find this at the bottom of our home page.

Q: Will your device work on my lorry?

A: Yes it will.  There are two options, depending on the answer to this question: does your lorry have a stop valve on the pump? If yes, connect the engine stop wire there, intercepting the wire to valve. If no, fit a universal electronic stop valve on fuel line. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker & engine stop device is designed to be fitted on all types of vehicles from lorries and vans, through to cars, bikes and boats!

Q: Does the Find It Stop It vehicle tracker come with “idiot proof” installation instructions? Is any soldering involved?

A: The device comes with full instructions of how to install and set up.  We always recommend soldering the connection. Once installed it is very easy to use, especially the App. Please see our installation video for further information.

Q: What size SIM cards does your Find It Stop Vehicle tracker support?

A: It works with a special app called Ascend GPS.  You can download the app but will need an ID number to open the app fully. All the instructions for setting this up is on our “set up” leaflet which comes with the device. When you set up an account with your SIM card provider, it will allow you to monitor your usage. When you call the Find It Stop It device from any mobile phone ,you will hear the phone ring once then it disconnects.  A few seconds later you will receive a text message with a link to a Google map of where your vehicle is located.

Q: Can I use the Tracker as an Immobilizer? 

A: The tracker should not be used as an immobilizer.  The purpose of the stop function is to stop the vehicle if it is stolen or car jacked.  Please note that using it as a permanent immobilizer could cause battery drain or damage the unit.

Q: How does the Low Battery Warning work? 

A: The device has a voltage working range from 9v to 48v.  If your vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 9v, the device will send a text to your phone to alert  you.

Q: How do you set up the SIM card in the tracker? 

A: If you are using a new SIM card, make sure the card is activated first and if it has a pin lock, the lock is removed before fitting the SIM card to the device. The best way to check the SIM card is working is to fit it to a phone and making sure the phone can make and receive calls.

Q: Which network would you recommend using for the SIM card? 

A: The device works well on all networks but not on the THREE network.

Q: Can the device be used with a regular contract phone or does it need a separate pay as you go phone?

A: The tracker can be used with a regular phone, and can be operated by text messages or the APP.

Q: Will the tracker work in Belgium?

A:Yes! The tracker will work in Belgium. it will be using a Belgium 3G or 4G mobile network.  In fact, the tracker works all over the world with 3G or 4G networks.

Q: Do you use the app to trace the vehicle and stop it, or a combination of the app and text messages?

A:  You can download and access the APP when you buy the device as you will need an ID number.  You can use both the APP and text messages to operate the tracker 

Q: How does the engine stop function work?

A: You can activate the stop command which will stop the vehicle.  To restart you can send a start command. Once the vehicle has stopped you can view it’s location online then decide the best way to recover the vehicle.

Q: I live outside the UK.  Can I buy and use your tracker?

A: Yes. We are happy to distribute our trackers worldwide.  It works anywhere there is a wifi, 3G or 4G signal

Q: How much is the monthly fee?

A: There is no monthly subscription for the tracker, you will just need to use a pay as you go sim card from any network provider

Q: Can the tracker be fitted on a diesel engine?

A: Yes the tracker is designed to work on all types of engines. The fuel pump cut off point is one suggestion. But depending on the year of manufacture and type of diesel, we can suggest different ways to stop a diesel engine.

Q: Does the tracker work on electric vehicles?

A: Yes.  The stop function works like a remote switch. All vehicles have a start stop switch which is the ignition switch. The electrician installing it would need to fit it to that circuit.  The maximum load for the relay is 35 amps. The tracker will work as long as it is fitted correctly.

Q: Can you recommend other ways to stop a diesel engine?

A: The stop valve can turn the engine off – just connect to the wire further down the wiring loom as it won’t be seen.  On some very old diesel vehicles with a cable to stop the engine, a universal electro fuel shutoff valve can be fitted inline to stop the engine.

Q: Do You Do Discounts for Multiple GPS Tracker Orders?

A:  If you place an order with Find It Stop It for our GPS tracker for 5 or more units then you will receive a 10% discount. More generous offers are available depending on the quantity and time scales.

Q: What App Does the Find It Stop It Tracker Use?

A: Our GPS tracker uses an App called “Ascend GPS”.  You will only be able to open the App when you have a device with the device number.  The Web, IOS, iPad, Android, Multiplatform App is Free and is an Independent User Account

Q: What Happens if the App Shows Error Messages?

A: If this happens then we suggest you clear the cache on your phone, uninstall and reinstall the app.  The good news is that even though it might display an error message, you will still get movement alerts via SMS so you have peace of mind that the device is working fine. 

Q: Is Your Tracker Water Resistant?

A: Although our tracker is not  water proof we do have advice to protect it from the elements, in particular if you are fitting it to motor bikes or scooters.  You can either install it in a way that it is not directly exposed to the rain, sun or frost or you can fit it in a waterproof bag. 

Q: Why is my tracker offline?

A: Please check the following: The vehicle battery is not low; The tracker is in a poor signal area; The sim card has ran out of credit; Try a different sim card; Uninstall and reinstall the App.




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