Be careful what information you share with potential buyers of vehicles when advertising on Gumtree or other online sales platforms.  We read in Press and Journal about two incidents of motorcycle theft where the seller of a motorcycle had accidentally disclosed the location of motorcycle.  In another case, the owner had engaged in a dialogue with the potential buyer, casually mentioned where the bike was stored overnight.  Sadly both bikes were taken from their storage places due to this information gathered. 

Luckily we have a solution to this problem: a Find It Stop It GPS auto track & stop device fitted discretely to your motorcycle (or other vehicle of choice) will allow you to keep tabs on where your bike is at all times.  You will be alerted via the app on your phone of any unauthorised movement, you can track it’s movements via the GPS tracker function.  You can even switch off the engine when it is safe to do so, making sure the thief cannot get very far with your bike.

Just £59.95, free postage within the UK and no ongoing subscription.  This is the affordable solution to keeping hold of your motorbike!