Manchester Evening News reports that Mark Powell had his Yamaha MT09 stolen in Manchester whilst he was at work.  A motorcycle dealership then contacted Mark saying that they think they had spotted his motorbike on Tik Tok and Instagram, with the thieves posing by it.  The posts have been accompanied with the hashtag #IStoleYourDadsBike.  Manchester-based Hunts Motorcycles had the same model of bike stolen from them, so thanks to this information and the hashtag they will hopefully be able to recover the stolen motorbike.  


A quicker way of locating your motorbike, if it is stolen, is to install a GPS tracker.  A Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution allows you to set Geo fencing and the device will send an alert to your phone if the motorcycle is not where it is supposed to be.  You can then follow the bike using the tracking function.  You can then also switch off the engine remotely when it is safe to do so (travelling less than 12 mph or stationary).  This will make it very difficult for thieves to continue with their journey.