Bennetts recently published a fascinating article about how the Police investigate motorcycle theft.  It is definitely worth a read but here are the highlights. First of all, there is a difference between robbery, burglary and theft of your motorbike. It would be a robbery if you were threatened with force whilst someone took your motorcycle.  It would be burglary if you locked your bike up in your shed or garage and found it gone the next day.  It is theft if you park it on the street and it’s not there when you return. 

You can therefore see why it is difficult for police to sometimes help with motorcycle theft: lack of CCTV, fingerprints are difficult to take etc.  However, don’t just dismiss it and try to deal with it on your own.  Do report the theft (important for insurance for one), as each bike theft reported helps build up a picture of where these crimes are happening and resources can be targeted to those areas.


Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance explains how to avoid having your bike stolen with tips including keeping your bike out of sight (try to lock it in a metal shed, wooden shed with concrete base or a garage). Ensure the storage place has sturdy locks and also lock up your bike inside too. Don’t advertise you have a bike (if you’ve spent time hiding it why would you want to point thieves to where you might lock it up). Always report suspicious activity. 

As well as Bennetts’ advice, add another layer of security and invest in a GPS tracker.  A Find It Stop It GPS tracker is an affordable solution to keeping tabs on your motorbike.  This easy-to-install device means you will be alerted of unauthorised movement.  At just £59.95 and no ongoing monthly subscription, you know it makes sense.