Adventure Bike Rider has shared some great tips on how to prevent your motorbike being stolen this winter including:
1) Keep your bike well-guarded. A lot of thefts are opportunistic, so if they can’t see your motorcycle then it is more effort to steal.  With this in mind, try to store your bike in a garage or behind a gate (so not visible from the street)
2) Use visible deterrents such as disc locks, security chain and locks, preferably attached to an immovable anchor
3) Did you know that GPS trackers can be installed on motorbikes?  Bike trackers aid recovery if your motorcycle is stolen, including assisting police with obtaining warrants for garages and containers if the signal is pinpointed to that particular location  


Therefore, we hope you will now purchase several items to protect your bike against theft.  Our track and stop device allows you to know where your bike is at all times and if it is taken, you can track it and switch the engine off remotely (when safe to do so).  A Find It Stop It GPS tracker is just £59.95 and there is no ongoing monthly subscription, so this is an affordable solution to keep your bike safe.