In this NBC Washington article “Thieves can hack key fobs to steal cars.  Here’s a wild story and how to stop theft“,  a US soldier serving in Kuwait had his car stolen twice!   The keyless car fob had apparently been reprogrammed.  Luckily the car was installed with a tracker so they were at least able to locate the car. 
Here’s some advice they have given to help prevent your key fob from being hacked:


1) Block the signals by putting the keys in a faraday pouch or cage

2)  Put your key fob in a metal container such as a safe or even a fridge!

3) Keep your keys as far away from the car as possible

4) Use other devices to help prevent theft, like a steering lock


Along the same lines you can install a Find It Stop It device which will help you recover your vehicle quickly if it is taken.  Our affordable auto track and stop solution is just £59.95.



















































































































































If you have been inspired by Million Pound Motorhomes & are buying a Camper Van then make sure that you get a tracker installed. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker & engine stop device can be monitored & controlled by a phone app so you know where your motorhome or campervan is at all times