Hello shared 11 ways to stop your car from being stolen.  What are their top tips for reducing the chances of it happening to you.   
1) Take care where you park your car at night as this is peak car crime time.  Park in a brightly lit street, a busy area or where there is CCTV.  If you are at home then park your car in a garage or on your drive with a motion sensor light or security camera.
2) Invest in anti-theft deterrents.  The most off-putting sight for an opportune car thief is an old-fashioned steering wheel lock.  Go one further and get clamps for your gear lever, clutch pedals and wheel clamp! 
3) Keep your car keys safe if your car is keyless entry.  Keep them away from doors, windows and stored in a faraday pouch or tin to prevent relay theft. 
4) Anti-theft technology.  As well as the old school steering wheel lock, ensure your car is kitted out with the latest anti-theft technology such as an alarm, immobiliser and GPS tracker.  A Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track and Stop device allows you to track your car and the switch off the engine remotely.  Our device is just £59.95 and easy to fit by your local vehicle technician.