We’ve read a few articles in which Apple AirTags have been used to track down stolen vehicles.  However what may seem like a wonderful use of technology, can also be abused by car thieves.  By Miles have revealed how car thieves are popping AirTags onto cars that they like so that they can see where they are stored at night, and then return to steal them.  Therefore if you have a car of high value, you may want to check your vehicle for unauthorised AirTags.  Iphone owners will be sent alerts if there is an AirTag in the vicinity and others can download Apple’s Tracker Detect app!  If you do find an AirTag on your vehicle that isn’t yours then the best advice is to call the Police.  Alternatively you can remove the battery by twisting the back of the AirTag. 

You may have stopped the thieves this time but do protect your vehicle with a number of other security measures such as a steering lock and a GPS tracker of your own.  A Find It Stop It GPS tracker is just £59.95 and no ongoing monthly subscription.