We read so many stories in the press of motorbikes and cars being stolen, often without being recovered.  However, we were delighted to read this story in the Brighton & Hove News, “Motorbike tracker leads to bike theft arrest“.  It directly demonstrates the positive correlation of installing a GPS tracker on your vehicle and its recovery.

Find It Stop It is not just a GPS tracker though, it also has the added capability of remote engine switch off.  So if the vehicle has been taken and it is stationary, you can use the Stop command to switch off the engine.  It does work also when the vehicle is moving, although at very low speeds of 20 kph (12 miles per hour).

A Find It Stop It device also comes with these features:

1) Geo Fencing

2) Trip History

3) Device Tampering

Plus more, all for £59.95 and no ongoing subscription.