Ever wondered where cars and other vehicles go after they are stolen? If vehicles are stolen by criminal gangs then they can end up at a chop shop.  This article published by the US Sun shows police uncovering one with vehicles and car parts.  Oddly, even though the article was American, the chop shop location was in South Yorkshire.  A chop shop is where stolen vehicles are taken and then broken up into parts.  This one was on a remote farm location and contained Land Rover Defenders, camper vans, motorbikes and more.  Luckily the police were able to stop thieves from using this particular location and were able to reunite some owners with their vehicles. 


The best way to minimise the risk of your car ending up in a chop shop is to add extra layers of security.  Visual deterrents such as crook locks will put off opportune thieves and a Find It Stop It device not only allows you to track your vehicle if it is taken but also remotely switch off the engine.  An alert will be sent to you if there is any unauthorised movement and this could prevent your car being broken up into parts.  Buy yours today for just £59.95