In a time when associated costs for vehicle ownership are rocketing, we are all looking for a way to reduce spend.  Insurance premiums can be lowered if you install devices such as black boxes, and more recently GPS trackers.  Surely the best way to keep your insurance premium down is to reduce the risk of theft of your vehicle because, unfortunately, if you make a claim then your premium is bound to increase.

Let’s look at some simple solutions to keeping your vehicle safe:

1) Always lock your doors, keeping the key out of the ignition and windows closed

2) Fit your car with an alarm but make sure they know it with something visible or audible

3) Steering wheel locks

4) Install a GPS tracker

 The Find It Stop It GPS vehicle track & stop device is for cars, motorbikes, vans, motorboats and more.  It is easy to install and unlike many other trackers, does not come with a subscription.  All you pay is just a one off price of £59.95 with free UK delivery