The car industry was warned over 10 years ago about the vulnerabilities of keyless vehicles to theft.  In the past decade there has been a wave of car theft, mainly involving keyless vehicles, often taken in under 20 seconds.  Warnings were ignored that highlighted that the security surrounding keyless entry and vehicle software could be compromised. The results are that we are finding ourselves with car theft in England and Wales at the highest point now than in a decade with car insurance prices through the roof, some being quoted over £2000 to insure their keyless vehicle.  You can read more in this Guardian article


Until the car manufacturers can come up with a solution to combat keyless vehicle theft, we are forced to take security matters into our own hands.  A Find It Stop It device is easily fitted by a vehicle technician (or you if you have the know-how) and it will track your vehicle and alert you of unauthorised movement.  You can stop thieves in their tracks with the fuel line cut off function, operated remotely from the app.  Want to know more? Call us on 0330 159 0109. Email us on track@finditstopit.com. Or buy now for just £59.95