The Sun (U.S. edition) has reported a new car theft method and has urged motorists to call the police if they spot this happening or are a victim of it themselves.  Thieves have been wedging plastic bottles in the wheel arch so that when you drive backwards or forwards your tyre comes into contact with it and makes a horrible crunching sound.  Naturally, you get out of your car to investigate and this is when the waiting thieves hop in and drive away.  Scotty Kilmer advised vehicle owners to keep their windows wound up and to check their rear-view mirror to see if they have actually driven over something.  If you have to get out then make sure you lock your door and take your keys with you.

If you want to avoid being car-jacked then install a Find It Stop It device as you can send a stop engine command to your vehicle straight away.  This will turn the engine off if the vehicle is stationery or travelling below 12 mph. Our device is also a GPS tracker and for a one off fee of £59.95.