We are always sharing tips on how to keep your vehicle safe.  We thought we’d update you with a few more since technology and those wily thieves are always getting cleverer.  In Kelley Blue Brook’s article Car Theft: Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle Safe they say that some thieves are using technology to steal cars.  We’ve often mentioned keyless car theft but thieves are also using trackers to steal cars!  Let’s look closer.  
Thieves will scan homes for key fob signals and then using a device they can hack it and relay it to a second person by the car which in turn allows them to break in or steal the vehicle. Follow our tips on Protecting Your Car from Keyless Car Theft 
Apple AirTags make excellent tracking devices of personal items but unfortunately thieves have realised this too and are now attaching these devices to vehicles that they wish to steal.  Do install your own tracker so that if it is taken you will be able to inform the police of it’s location.  By Miles have a great article on how to check for unauthorised Apple AirTags and how to stop them from tracking your vehicle.

So embrace technology, as it is good.  Our tracker is £59.95 with no ongoing subscription.You can watch our installation video on our website and have a go at fitting it yourself, or your local vehicle technician!