If you are a motorbike, e-bike or scooter owner in the Wigan area then take note of any security alerts issued by the Police.  During a 6-month period, around 200 motorised 2-wheelers were taken from garages, sheds and homes in the Greater Manchester area.  Some of these vehicles were then used for anti-social riding in the area and others are believed to have been sent to chop shops abroad.  They think that thieves have been spying on motorbike owners so that they know their routine and where they store their bikes.  Some thieves aren’t as patient and are just going around of cars.  You wouldn’t believe how many aren’t locked properly  Therefore we urge you to put extra security measures in place. 


As well as keeping an eye on your CCTV or RIng doorbell camera footage, ensure that your mopeds and motorcycles are securely locked away.  Add an extra layer of security with Find It Stop It. Our GPS track and stop solution allows you to monitor your bike from the app.  You will be sent an alert if it is taken and then you can turn off the engine remotely, when safe to do so.  Find It Stop It will cost you a single fee of £59.95 with no ongoing monthly subscription.  Find out more here