Medway, Gravesham and Dartford are ranked some of the highest places in the country for motorbike thefts at the moment, according to this article on the Kent Online website.  It is so bad that a public meeting has been called to see how this crimewave can be tackled.  Thefts vary from lower range model motorcycles and scooters that delivery riders may use through to top of the range models snatched to order by criminal gangs.   


The local branch of the Motorcycle Action Group called a meeting to discuss reducing theft, improving the recovery of stolen bikes and campaigning for bike thieves to get more realistic sentences.  Sadly, a lack of police resources has caused an upsurge in crime so the onus is now on the motorbike owner to protect their own vehicle.  The key is deterrent: locks and chains will put off opportune theft.  However, if stolen then recovery is the best course of action. Some trackers can be expensive but Find It Stop It is different. 


Not only is our device affordable (£59.95 and free UK postage) but there is no ongoing subscription.  All you need to pay for is a SIM card which allows the device to communicate with the app, and there are many low-cost options out there including 1p mobile.  Just track your bike and we also have an engine stop command so you can switch off the bike’s engine when safe to do so (under 12 mph).