Dallas police have found a new approach to dealing with reports of vehicle thefts.  Last year, with over 18,000 reports (about twice as many as five years ago), the police are struggling to process them as it takes on average 12 hours to deal with just one report.  New tactics involve utilising officers on light duties to process the reports via teleconferencing apps thus reducing a vehicle theft report to a mere 40 minutes.  As a result they have processed 379 incidents in three weeks, saving 682 hours of patrol officers’ time.  The CBS News article also states that the sooner car theft reports are filed, the sooner patrol officers can identify a stolen vehicle.  So if you are victim of vehicle theft this not only increases the chances of your vehicle being recovered but also alerts officers when they might be approaching a criminal.

If you want to help free up police time, install a Find It Stop It device.  You can quickly track and retrieve your stolen vehicle, and tells you where it had stopped along the way. Our GPS tracker is easy to install, tracked via the app on your phone and it will send you an alert if your vehicle is moved without your knowledge.  It also comes with an engine stop command function.  This will turn the engine off if the vehicle is stationery or travelling below 12 mph. Buy yours today for a one off fee of £59.95.