The government recently announced plans “to make it a criminal offence to possess, make, modify, supply or import technology used to steal cars with a maximum jail sentence of five years. This will include technology that intercepts keyless car fob signals (93% of cars recovered by Tracker in 2022 were keyless).  For us at Find It Stop It, we are delighted as some of the devices currently used by vehicle thieves can jam GPS tracking technology. 


The article on Fleet News shares some tips on vehicle security including

1) Protect your key fob by keeping it away from the vehicle when not in use and store it in a tin or Faraday bag

2) Don’t become a victim of frosting – never leave your vehicle unattended if you are defrosting it

3) When parking your vehicle at home, make sure it is behind a substantial gate, in a garage or install parking poles

4) Don’t leave items on display

5) Protect your vehicle with extra security including a steering lock

You should also install a tracker so that you can recover your vehicle if it is taken.  Our GPS auto track and stop solution is just £59.95, free UK postage and no ongoing subscription.  Find out more here