Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles report 36% of van drivers have had their vans broken into and tools taken within the past year.  This is up from 33% in 2020.   In this BodyStopMag article, they report £3.5bn worth of tools were stolen from the vans of UK tradespeople last year.  London remains the epicentre with 6000 reports of theft in 2022.  

Volkswagen Financial Services are urging van drivers to take better precautions over their tools and equipment.  Their advice is to park in well-lit areas when possible, be wary of their surroundings before offloading anything, fitting a tracking device and removing tools from their vans overnight.  We can help with the GPS tracker part.  We don’t want van drivers to lose out on a day’s work due to damage to their van.  Our device will send you an alert of unauthorised movement. Track your vehicle if it is taken, and remotely stop the engine when it is safe to do so.  Order yours today for just £59.95 and free UK postage.