According to Fleet News, the Home Office reported over 101,000 vehicle thefts in England and Wales in 2021, over double the figure reported via the DVLA this year. The article goes onto state that in 2006 around 80% of stolen vehicles were reunited with their owners but in 2021 this figure has dropped dramatically to only 28%.  So as vehicle owners what can we do?

Fitting a GPS tracker will allow you and the police to track your vehicle and you stand a higher chance of recovering your vehicle than those without a tracker. At Find It Stop It, our auto track and engine stop device, does exactly what it says it does.  Not only can you track your vehicle but you can also switch the engine off and on remotely (when safe to do so) which makes it more difficult for thieves to drive your vehicle away.  A Find It Stop It GPS tracker is just £59.95, with free UK postage and no ongoing subscription.