Visordown recently ran a news story “Motorcycle Theft Targeted by Petition Calling for More Police Action” in which Xander James launched a Change.org petition calling for tougher sentences and to make Operation Yellowfin permanent.  So what was the catalyst for this and what is Yellow Fin?  

Xander points out that the cost of living is high so we can’t just replace our property at the drop of a hat and states that it’s not safe to park your motorbike even outside your own home without the risk of theft.  With the CPS handing out very lenient penalties and those who are sent to prison, being released early, there isn’t much of a deterrent against reoffending. 

Operation Yellowfin was launched by Humberside Police in 2018 to tackle crime associated with motorbikes and off-road bikes.  When the team was full-time, bike thefts dropped dramatically but sadly this wasn’t continued.  The petitioner is requesting that the Operation is run full-time again.  

If you aren’t in the Humberside area but feel your motorbike is at risk then a Find It Stop It GPS tracker can be the solution.  This easy-to-install device means you will be alerted of unauthorised movement.  At just £59.95 and no ongoing monthly subscription, you know it makes sense.