Warwickshire police have found a novel way to combat motorbike theft – taking to the skies.  Media Run Search report that the National Police Aviation Service (NPAS) are using aircraft to fight motorbike theft and other crimes from the air.  Deploying aircraft has become a successful tactic to help combat motorcycles being stolen.  Aerial searches can track thieves on bikes, locations where they are kept and more.  


If you don’t live in Warwickshire then it is advisable to take your motorbike’s safety into your own hands.  We have plenty advice on our blog with tips on how and where to park your bike.  Our biggest advice is to install a Find It Stop It auto track & stop solution.  You can track your motorcycle if it is stolen (and give the location to the police).  If the bike is being driven then you can switch off the engine (when it is safe to do so), making it difficult for thieves to carry on their journey.  Our tracker is easy to install with no ongoing subscription