It seems to be the fashion of converting work vans into camper vans.  If you were one of the many that has converted a Ford Transit van into a camper then firstly we salute you!  We understand your dedication to your labour of love.  But what would you do, if your new converted camper was stolen?  This is exactly what happened to a family in Lupset, Wakefield. The family were left devastated when they found that their camper van was taken from outside their home just days before a well-needed trip away on the bank holiday weekend.

So what can we learn from this tragic situation?  As well as kitting out your new camper with beds and other fundamentals, install a tracker.  This means that if the unthinkable does happen, you will be able to track your van and stand a higher chance of recovering it.  Our Find It Stop It device also comes with the option to switch off the engine when it is safe to do so which means the thieves won’t be able to get far.

 Order your Find It Stop It tracker today – at just £59.95 you know it makes sense!