Range Rover makes take 4 of the top 10 spots in the Daily Mail’s list of Britain’s most stolen cars.  Top of the list was the Lexus RX with a whopping 1 in 50 licensed to go on the road were stolen in 2023.  Data provided by the DVLA shows that Range Rover Velar was in the number 2 spot with 560 reported thefts (1 in 68 stolen) and Range Rover spot in 3rd place, Range Rover (other) in 4, and Range Rover Evoque in 6th place.  Range Rover and Land Rover owners are finding it increasingly more difficult to insure their vehicles with quotes as high as £14,000 being offered.  These luxury vehicle makes are highly sought after by thieves and insurers are treating these vehicles with caution.


So, with this in mind, how do you protect your luxury vehicle?  If it is keyless then take measures to protect the fob in a faraday pouch and then on top of any security devices that your vehicle may already have, install a steering lock and a Find It Stop It GPS auto track and stop solution.  Our easy-to-install tracker will perhaps be the best £59.95 you will every spend.  For a one off fee, you will be able to keep an eye on your vehicle via the app.  If the vehicle is stolen then you can use the remote engine switch off function to stop thieves in their tracks. Buy yours here