NBC Washington have pulled together a list of gadgets that can help reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen or taken in a carjacking.  Don’t just rely on the security features of your car, by adding an extra layer of security, you are protecting your investment.  In this article, the expert says that thieves often automatically disable the battery which will shut down the electronics including GPS trackers which are installed by the car manufacturer.  Install your own GPS tracker which has its own battery as this will last several hours and you’ll be able to track your vehicle even if the car battery is disabled.  Other devices recommended include: Dashcam, ignition kill switch or, if budget allows, an all-inclusive system (tracker, camera, siren and kill switch).   


As mentioned in this article, the advice is to install a separate GPS tracker.  A Find It Stop It GPS auto track and stop solution is hardwired to the vehicle, so using the vehicle battery for power. However, the device also has an internal battery which has enough capacity for two hours should the vehicle battery be disconnected. Want to find out more? You can read our FAQ section here. Ready to buy? Purchase your device for a one time price of just £59.95 with no ongoing monthly fee.