Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker and stop solution can be fitted to electric vehicles and those with either petrol or diesel engines.  We’ve recently had an enquiry asking for other ways to install our device so that it will stop a diesel engine remotely.  Here’s what we’ve said to the customer:

The stop valve can turn the engine off – just connect to the wire further down the wiring loom as it won’t be seen.  On some very old diesel vehicles with a cable to stop the engine, a universal electro fuel shutoff valve can be fitted inline to stop the engine.

Please note though that the tracker should not be used as an immobilizer.  The purpose of the stop function is to stop the vehicle if it is stolen or car jacked.  Using it as a permanent immobilizer could cause battery drain or damage the unit.

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If you have been inspired by Million Pound Motorhomes & are buying a Camper Van then make sure that you get a tracker installed. Our Find It Stop It GPS tracker & engine stop device can be monitored & controlled by a phone app so you know where your motorhome or campervan is at all times