Many of us love a takeaway but it seems that the delivery drivers are now being targeted by thieves.  According to this Harrow Online article a scooter was brazenly taken from outside a block of flats in South Harrow whilst the driver was delivering food to the resident inside.  Lisa Saunders, the dedicated ward officer has provided the following safety advice:
1) Remove valuables – doesn’t necessarily apply to scooters but don’t leave loose change on the dashboard of your car
2) Use alarms and immobilisers
3) Parking in a secure place – where possible park in a garage.  If you can’t, make sure it is well lit and with CCTV
4) Mark your belongings – etch your vehicle identification number throughout your vehicle
5) Use a steering lock – suitable for cars rather than scooters
6) Security for your wheels and number plates – anti-theft wheel locks and number plate screws will make it more difficult for thieves to strip the identity of your vehicle

One piece of advice which was omitted from that list was to install a Find It Stop It device.  Our GPS tracker is easy to install, tracked via the app on your phone and it will send you an alert if your vehicle is moved without your knowledge.  It also comes with an engine stop command function.  This will turn the engine off if the vehicle is stationery or travelling below 12 mph. Buy yours today for a one off fee of £59.95.