It’s a little known fact that our GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution can be fitted to motor boats too.  It isn’t often we come across news stories about boats but when we spotted this story in the Cayman News Service, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to remind you of how to protect your boat against thieves!   Top tips include: 
1) Store your vessel in a well-lit area whether it is on a trailer or in water
2) If your boat is on a trailer then take steps to prevent theft of that too – by using a wheel boot or coupler lock 
3) Install an alarm or anti-theft device on the boat. A GPS tracker is handy to have in case the boat is taken, as it makes it easier to locate 
4) Regular checks – don’t leave your boat unattended for more than a day or two and keep the key stored off the vessel 5) Use a boat cover – this keeps the vessel and contents out of sight
6) Remove the propeller when not in use as it makes it more difficult to steal!


A Find It Stop It GPS Auto Track & Stop Solution is just £59.95, and will help you recover your boat if it is taken.  If you are technically-minded then it can be installed by you, or otherwise we recommend a vehicle technician.