Tech-savvy teens in Los Angeles have been responsible for a 1000% increase in Camaro thefts.  Police1.com reports that around 90 of these muscle cars have been stolen since the beginning of the year, each costing around tens of thousands of dollars. A teenager has been using an electronic device to clone keys.  This hand-held computer allows the user to create replacement smart keys that can unlock Camaros by bypassing the car’s electronic security system. The teenager is now luckily in custody.  


In order to protect your vehicle, please take extra security measures like fuel cut-offs, steering wheel locks and storing your vehicle in a more secure location.  You can also install a Find It Stop It vehicle track and stop solution. This can be easily fitted to your van, car, scooter, motorbike or other vehicle.  It not only tracks your vehicle but it also has a feature which allows you to remotely switch off the engine when it is safe to do so.  At just £59.95, this is an affordable solution against vehicle theft.