As the temperature drops, you will need to spend more and more time preparing your car before it is safe to drive.  You might be tempted to leave the engine running and pop back inside the house to collect forgotten items.  However, frosting (or puffing as it is known in the US) crimes are quite common in winter.  In this article, the advice was to warm up the car whilst you scrape the ice and snow off the windscreen.  They go onto provide further tips to keep your vehicle safe like parking it in the garage if it is at home for long periods.  If you are unable to do this then make sure you remove all valuable items and consider installing additional vehicle theft protection like a steering lock or immobiliser.  If you are going on holiday and using long-term parking then this can also be seen as a target for thieves.  Advice is to install an alarm, GPS tracker or immobiliser. 

Find It Stop It addresses several issues or points raised in the article.  As a GPS tracker, you can check if your vehicle has been driven in your absence whilst parked in long term airport parking, with the History function on the app.  You can also use the remote engine stop command if you are alerted to unauthorised movement. Stay safe this winter and order yours today for just £59.95 and free UK postage.