Car theft is rife in cities, especially if you have a keyless vehicle.  Here are some tips from SlashGear to keep your car safe and reduce the risk of it going missing at the expense of thieves:

  • Lock your doors and windows – once you enter your vehicle lock doors and immediately as you exit. Some cars have automatic locks, with apps to support this.  No harm in a manual check as sometimes you might not push the button enough times. Always check that windows are closed too.
  • Keys – never leave them in the ignition if you aren’t in the car!  If your vehicle is keyless then always store your remote in faraday pouch or similar.
  • Parking – where possible, always park in a closed garage or car park with attendants. Well-lit areas are much better than dark corners. If you are out and about, park near businesses that have high value items like banks as they have CCTV!
  • Anti-car theft devices. From steering locks to wheel clamps, there are so many choices. Pick one or two to help keep your vehicle safe.



If your car is a luxury brand then it is more likely to be targeted by thieves.  Make sure they know that your vehicle is fitted with extra security – ie they can see the steering wheel lock or pop a sticker in the window informing that your car is fitted with anti-theft mechanisms. In the event that your vehicle is stolen then a Find It Stop It device will come in handy.  Our combined GPS tracker and remote engine stop device, will increase the chances of retrieving your vehicle if it is stolen. Want to know more? Call us on 0330 159 0109. Email us on track@finditstopit.com. Or buy now for just £59.95.